Akanbou Company Birth Story

A company and a product have a story concerning the birth so that each baby, mother, father have a story concerning the birth.A description of Mishima world of our president talks about the birth story of “baby Company Co., Ltd.” here.

The thing which it is easy to use for baby and mother in peace!

The Akanbou Company birth previous night

The opening was the year when I was to father.

I worked in the apparel industry until then, when I woke up to the idea of ​​“I want to make things that are convenient and safe for babies and mothers!” And changed jobs with that belief. From a plastic product synthesis processing company that bought my enthusiasm, I learned a lot about manufacturing products for mothers and engaged in manufacturing development through transactions with companies that develop and sell baby products.

Start from zero.

It was days of study

The company that handles baby products would normally only deal with companies that are experienced in baby products. There is nothing better than experience, but I want to make something convenient, safe and easy to use! Based on this belief, I am grateful for the fact that I was able to gradually expand my business and learn a lot about baby products.

From Itabashi to the world.

For babies and moms around the world.

In June 2012, we exhibited at a trade fair held in Cologne, Germany, and had many visitors. In the future, we aim to expand globally so that we can provide convenient products to many people.

The 16th Itabashi Industry Trade Fair
Quick Air Bath
Exhibition in Cologne, Germany.
Many customers came.